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Bonneville Power Administration Residential Behavior Based Energy Efficiency Program Profiles 2011

Date Published: December 1, 2011     Document Type: Program Description / Profile, Report
Fuel Type:Electric Sectors: Behavior, Evaluation, Program Evaluation, Research, Evaluation, & Behavior, Residential

BPA’s goal is to enable, validate and increase the amount and persistence of energy savings achieved through BBEE programs in the Northwest. To accomplish this goal BPA is focused on three near-term objectives:

1. Monitor and assess national and regional behavior based energy efficiency (BBEE) programs and activities, identify and promote use of best practices;
2. Create policies that help build program infrastructure that all Northwest public utilities can use to operate BBEE programs and achieve related energy savings; and
3. Collaborate with three to five Northwest public utilities and market partners to implement and evaluate innovative BBEE pilot programs.

This report addresses objective #1, summarizing the results of recent research assessing national and regional residential BBEE programs and activities. The report builds on a market scan conducted in 2010, updating BBEE program information and results, and identifying promising new program activity. A basic foundation for behavior change is providing energy consumers with feedback on their energy consumption, with customer engagement strategies and tactics employed to get customers to take action and drive greater levels of energy savings. The residential BBEE programs profiled here do not represent a comprehensive inventory of programs across the continent. Instead, the approach taken was to identify select programs that collectively represent a range of BBEE customer engagement strategies and tactics, and programs that have a good base of experience to learn from.