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The New Jersey ENERGY STAR Products Working Group Appliance and Windows Baseline Studies

Date Published: March 15, 2001     Document Type: Market Research Report, Report

The objectives of this study cover a wide range of issues and research topics relevant to the implementation of market-based energy efficiency strategies in this era of utility competition and deregulation. The short-term objective of the Appliance and Windows programs is to increase consumer awareness, acceptance and purchase of qualified ENERGY STAR products. In the longer term, the objective is to create a self-sustaining market for energy-efficient products. Methodology included telephone surveys, in-person interviews, and site visits. Two baseline studies were completed, one for windows, and one for appliances. Both include market share information, general awareness of ENERGY STAR among consumers and producers, involvement of dealers in the ENERGY STAR program, and the manufacturing level of production. The ENERGY STAR programs face informational, behavioral, structural, price-related, and product-feature related market barriers.