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2001 Survey of Knowledge, Practices and Needs of Energy Code Officials in New Hampshire and Rhode Island

Date Published: May 1, 2002     Document Type: Market Research Report, Report

This report presents findings of a survey commissioned by Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships, Inc. (NEEP) to examine practices and training needs of local building code officials responsible for compliance with energy efficiency provisions of residential and commercial new construction codes in New Hampshire and Rhode Island. The study consisted of a telephone survey in the Summer of 2001. One hundred and twenty local officials were surveyed. The goals of the survey included: examining building code officials’ knowledge of and practices in conducting energy code compliance; assessing code officials’ estimations of their own competencies with respect to the energy codes; and determining code officials’ recommendations for training content and the format that would best address their needs. The report also estimated residential and commercial construction rates in each state and verified contact information for local officials responsible for compliance with the energy codes in each state. Overall, the report found that a substantial number of code officials have less than five years experience in their position, yet they showed good knowledge of the residential energy code and fair knowledge of the commercial code. The report also lists recommendations to improve code officials’ knowledge.