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Residential Time-of-Use with Critical Peak Pricing Pilot Program: Comparing Customer Response between Educate-Only and Technology-Assisted Pilot Segments (Abstract Only)

Date Published: January 1, 2007     Document Type: Conference publication

In 2006 and 2007 PSE&G offered residential customers in two selected municipalities an opportunity to participate in a residential time-of-use (TOU) pilot program. The TOU rate incorporated fixed low, medium and high-cost time periods with an “extra high” cost period, called the “Critical Peak Price” (CPP) that was utilized on an as-needed basis. There were two TOU segments included in the pilot program. The first, myPower Sense, was designed to test how well customers would respond to TOU pricing and reduce demand during CPP events when given advance warning and educational information only. PSE&G used e-mail and telephone calls to notify participants the night before a CPP event. The second segment, myPower Connection, offered customers the same TOU/CPP rate and advanced warning of CPP events, but also provided customers with a free programmable thermostat that received price signals from PSE&G and could be programmed to adjust air conditioning set points in response changes in the TOU/CPP price signals. (Abstract only)