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Lessons Learned and Evaluation of 2-way Central A/C Thermostat Control System (Abstract Only)

Date Published: January 1, 2005     Document Type: Conference publication

Con Edison performed an assessment, implemented a pilot program and full-scale rollout of this technology, which communicates with the Central A/C thermostat via two-way pager, and enables features such as confirming feedback, recordable customer overrides, monitoring and thermostat access via internet by both customer and utility, utility control of either thermostat setpoint or duty cycle limit, and collection of hourly runtime and temperature data for virtually all units. This paper presents background on the program, lessons learned, and impacts from the perspective of both the utility and the participants, including kW impacts and customer satisfaction. (Abstract only)

Interim Process Evaluation of the Efficient Lighting Initiative: 1999-2001 (Abstract Only)

Date Published: January 1, 2003     Document Type: Conference publication

This paper presents the interim process evaluation results of the Efficient Lighting Initiative (ELI), as presented in a report to the International Finance Corp, a division of the World Bank, in 2002. The paper describes how the ELI program is being implemented in seven countries (Argentina, Peru, South Africa, Czech Republic, Latvia, Hungary, and the Philippines) and summarizes key evaluation findings from program start-up and first-year activities. The purpose of this evaluation is to provide ELI management with feedback as to the operation of the program and how the various groups involved with implementation perceive ELI. (Abstract only)