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AHRI Standard 1380 (I-P)

Date Published: April 1, 2019    
Sectors: HVAC - Residential, Residential

2019 Standard for Demand Response through Variable Capacity HVAC Systems in Residential and Small Commercial Applications

Purpose.The purpose of this standard is to establish for Demand Response (DR) through variable capacity HVAC systems in residential and small commercial applications definitions; test requirements, operating and physical requirements, minimum data requirements for published ratings, marking and nameplate data and conformance conditions

Intent.This standard is intended for the guidance of HVAC systems and electric utility industries, including manufacturers, designers, installers, contractors, users and demand side management program managers. By providing standardized requirements for DR-ready HVAC systems, DR program managers can be assured the equipment is enabled to communicate in standardized messages onOpenADR 2.0 standardized DR communication protocols.