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SEM: A Program Platform for Connected Buildings and Plants

Date Published: October 3, 2018     Document Type: CEE In-person Meeting Materials

Presenters: Mark DiPetrillo, Manager, Technical Sales Support, National Grid; Steven Warkentin, Portfolio Manager, Xcel Energy

Program administrators and industry partners are well positioned to bring highly efficient, interoperable, and interactive equipment that enhance building performance and provide greater visibility, control, and value to customers and the grid. Session attendees will discuss a common vision to bring energy efficient and connected buildings systems to market under C&I Strategic Energy Management (SEM). During the session, a C&I SEM platform will be presented that outlines the role and benefits of connected equipment and energy services within integrated commercial and industrial facilities. A panel of utility program administrators will describe how this vision relates to current and future demand side management (DSM) program offerings for C&I customers. The program panel will also comment on the technologies and services they assume will be available from the market to achieve program objectives, including the features and capabilities of efficient and interactive building systems. All participants will then discuss the value propositions driving investments in connected C&I technologies. The session will conclude with an overview of specific breakout session objectives and how they will contribute to C&I SEM.

How Customers View Energy Efficiency—Recent Research Informing Program Strategy

Date Published: September 28, 2018     Document Type: CEE In-person Meeting Materials

Presenters: Sara Conzemius, Co-Founder, ILLUME Advising LLC; Colleen Hepner, Market Research Manager, ComEd

CEE members dedicate significant resources towards better understanding their customers in order to provide useful energy saving services, while also identifying new opportunities to deliver savings. During this session, a market research firm currently supporting multiple CEE members and a market research manager for a large Investor Owned Utility will provide relevant insights regarding the connected home, engaging small commercial customers, environmentalism as a market driver, and the intersection of consumer behavior with the smart grid. Attendees will be invited to share recent research conducted by their organizations, and to reflect on the implications of how efficiency program administrators and industry partners can better serve their shared customers.

Gained in Translation: International Learning, Binational Behavior Program Benefits

Date Published: September 28, 2018     Document Type: CEE In-person Meeting Materials

Presenter: Beth Karlin, Founder and CEO, See Change Institute

This session will focus on CEE participation in the International Energy Agency's DSM Task 24 behavior project. The project represents a unique opportunity to learn from behavioral program approaches and evaluation techniques that have been successful abroad to help design innovative and effective behavioral programs in the US and Canada. The 10 CEE members who have generously sponsored this project have selected the focal area of behavioral evaluation methods, credibility, and persistence to further examine during this year-long effort. Beth Karlin, an IEA project partner, will provide an overview of this strategic opportunity to leverage effective program approaches from abroad to enhance the credibility and persistence of behavioral savings at home.

Change is the Constant: Regulatory and Policy Changes Impacting Energy Efficiency Program Administration

Date Published: September 28, 2018     Document Type: CEE In-person Meeting Materials

Presenters: Rusty Tharp, Director of Regulatory Affairs, Goodman Manufacturing; Joshua Greene, Vice President Government and Industry Affairs, A.O. Smith
Every industry is going through unprecedented change. Utilities, trade associations, software service providers, wholesale capacity markets, state energy offices and PUCs, and even federal government agencies, are experiencing the ground shift under their feet. Our presenters will focus on the regulatory and policy shifts occurring today at the state and federal levels that directly affect the HVAC and water heating markets, paying particular attention to implications on the sale of high efficiency products and services. Session participants will be invited to share the implications of these market observations for new energy efficiency program designs and to comment on similar dynamics in other markets.
Note: Only the second half of the presentation focusing on the water heating market is available at this point in time.

From Past to Present: Energy Efficiency Programs and Industry Trends

Date Published: September 26, 2018     Document Type: CEE In-person Meeting Materials

Presenter: Kevin Bright, Managing Director - Creation & Connections, Duke Energy

By sharing the evolution of energy efficiency program funding, a perspective on the recent changes in priorities affords the audience insight into general program trends in the US and Canada. Specifically, the presenter will offer preliminary findings from the 2018 CEE Annual Industry Report, which measures efficiency program budgets, expenditures, and impacts. Using this dataset, which has been extensively cited by energy media, financial analysts, government agencies, energy management
companies, and CEE members over the years, the presenter will highlight unique findings for gas and electric programs relevant for industry partners.

CEE Short Takes - 15th Annual Industry Partners Meeting

Date Published: September 26, 2018     Document Type: CEE In-person Meeting Materials

CEE staff provided key updates coming out of member-driven committees, projects, and explorations, including the Lighting for Tomorrow competition, recently launched CEE New Homes Initiative, Home Appliances Committee, revisions to the High Efficiency Air-Conditioning and Heat Pumps Initiative, and the Commercial Lighting Committee.

2018 Industry Partners Meeting Book

Date Published: September 12, 2018     Document Type: CEE In-person Meeting Materials

15th Annual Industry Partners Meeting Agenda

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