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Policy Paradigm: How Regulatory Drivers and Constraints Impact Energy Efficiency on Every Level

Date Published: September 19, 2013     Document Type: CEE In-person Meeting Materials, Presentation
Sectors: Research, Evaluation, & Behavior

This session provided an overview of the regulatory landscape and discussed some of the main regulatory drivers, considerations, challenges, and constraints that significantly impact various aspects of energy efficiency program design, implementation, administration, and evaluation.

Exploring Advanced Commercial Lighting Opportunities for Program Design

Date Published: September 19, 2013     Document Type: CEE In-person Meeting Materials, Presentation
Sectors: Commercial, Commercial & Industrial, Lighting - Commercial

CEE is uniquely positioned to develop a binational strategy by incorporating consideration from its extensive member network, vetting through its industry relationships, and a host of other considerations afforded by the CEE Initiative process. Ongoing efforts include: developing CEE performance specifications for advanced lamps, disseminating lighting system designs for common building types such as warehouses, and accelerating controls into programs via collaboration with NEMA on common assessments and reporting. In this session, a panel of program administrators who had current program incentives for advanced lighting characterized where the greatest potential opportunities to replace commercial lighting portfolio savings from increased minimum standards. Panelists spoke to commercial applications and approaches showing the greatest program opportunities, key barriers, factors and considerations to driving savings, and highlighted strategies to build promising market opportunities.

Putting Customer Data to Work: Advances in Program Marketing and Outreach

Date Published: September 19, 2013     Document Type: CEE In-person Meeting Materials, Presentation

Effective response to pressures on utility programs to deliver greater cost-effective savings calls for new approaches, including leveraging cutting edge marketing techniques to drive uptake. This session examined how program administrators are thinking more strategically about marketing programs to customers, particularly when it comes to collecting, analyzing, and utilizing customer data to enhance the impact of messaging to consumers and other market participants. In this session, a panel of program administrators described their utility’s efforts to leverage the wealth of customer data they possess to frame marketing approaches. Each panelist described how they approach utilizing customer data to enhance program impact.

Looking Ahead: Identifying Common Elements of a Customer Engagement Platform

Date Published: September 18, 2013     Document Type: CEE In-person Meeting Materials, Presentation
Sectors: Whole House, Residential

As energy-using devices become more intelligent and efficient, CEE has an opportunity to define the types of data that programs will want to leverage in order to promote the full range of benefits to customers. To be most effective, programs and industry may have a shared interest in supporting customer-facing platforms that address three primary dimensions of value: energy efficiency, load management and demand response, and behavior. In this session, we will introduce the opportunity for programs and industry to coordinate toward engaging customers in the context of the “Integrated Home,” and begin a discussion about the data requirements relevant to a behavior-based savings scenario and potential tradeoffs among costs, feasibility, and the potential stream of benefits. Following the introduction, a panel of home energy management program representatives will be invited to describe how various efficiency data needs are being looked at in the context of current program designs or offerings, what may be coming next, and what other considerations should be included in our thinking going forward.

Dimensions of Efficiency

Date Published: September 18, 2013     Document Type: CEE In-person Meeting Materials, Presentation

Industry Partners often know CEE through our specifications and qualifying product lists. But these documents are effective because they support CEE initiatives. CEE members currently participate in 18 initiatives and three explorations for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. There are also multiple cross sectoral considerations undertaken by program administrators such as identifying a national strategy, behavioral aspects, energy management, and program evaluation. It is member agreement to participate in these initiatives that accelerates market uptake of efficient goods and services. Similar depth and breadth of consideration are undertaken when CEE takes a position or starts an exploration of a new opportunity. This session exposes some of these dimensions.

Working Toward a Common Framework for Connected Homes and Businesses

Date Published: September 18, 2013     Document Type: CEE In-person Meeting Materials, Presentation

What energy performance looks like in homes and businesses is changing fast with more technologies, products and services, and providers entering the energy services market than ever before. While the good news is that customers will have access to more benefits and choices, there will also be more potential for confusion and missteps. CEE has an opportunity, through its binational consensus process, to identify the dimensions and parameters of connected products that are critical to program industry interests and to communicate these considerations to industry. Absent a framework that is established or at least shaped by our industry, we will be left trying to decipher what others have done, and may face an environment in which programs can access some, but almost certainly not all, of the opportunities that might otherwise be available had we been more forceful in shaping the playing field as it was becoming established.

Trends in the Annual Industry Report

Date Published: September 18, 2013     Document Type: CEE In-person Meeting Materials

The CEE Annual Industry Report, measuring efficiency program budgets, expenditures, and impacts for the United States and Canada, is the essential dataset describing the energy efficiency program industry. This report has been extensively cited by trade publications for financial analysts, electrical contractors, energy management, renewable installers, and of course, by CEE members. During this session, preliminary results of the 2013 Annual Industry Report will show trends over the past seven years for the United States and Canada and for gas and electric energy efficiency programs. New this year, will be program-level data thanks to greater standardization of program types and industry definitions across respondents.