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Appliance testing procedures and good practices for labeling

Date Published: July 1, 2011     Document Type: Report
Sectors: Research, Evaluation, & Behavior

This report aims to summarize existing appliance testing good practice successfully developed at Member State or other levels (for example in already completed or still ongoing IEE projects). The document is divided into two main parts:

  • Initially the description of common verification procedures, defined test methods and selection of trained laboratories in the EU for the appliances covered by the labeling scheme and the ecodesign Regulations is given, along with a brief overview of existing legislation and legislation in preparation at EU level on energy labeling.
  • Then a brief overview of current practice, if any, in the appliance testing in EU and MS is given in terms of amount of national official tests and products covered, nonofficial tests carried out for example by Consumers Associations, NGOs, national Agencies, etc.) without following the provisions of the EU legislation provisions and harmonized standards.

The expected outcome and impact of this document is:

  • an overview of possible common verification procedures successfully developed at MS level or in other IEE projects, trying to explain and justify (from a legal, statistical and practical point of view) the need to use only the defined test methods and trained laboratories
  • a motivation for the national Market Surveillance Authorities to develop a plan for undertaking product testing and to increase activities in exchanging this information with other national authorities
  • a set of information to be disseminated to national authorities, manufacturers/ importers, consumer groups and media about tests carried out, level of testing in selected organizations and examples of test results.