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Commissioning for Optimal Savings from Daylight Control

Date Published: February 19, 2013     Document Type: Report
Sectors: Commercial, Commercial & Industrial, Comprehensive Lighting, Lighting - Commercial

Daylighting control—or daylight harvesting—has become a common energy-saving strategy in sustainable building design.  A recent Energy Center of Wisconsin project set out to determine existing levels of success with daylighting control, achieved savings and missed opportunities. The findings demonstrate that successful implementation of automatic daylighting control requires a significant commissioning effort to reach full energy-savings potential.

This project was supported in part (or in whole) by a grant from the Minnesota Department of Commerce, Division of Energy Resources through the Conservation Applied Research and Development (CARD) program, which is funded by Minnesota ratepayers.

On-demand video: In this recorded 90-minute webinar the primary authors of the study discuss their research findings from several daylighting control systems in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Field performance results are shared and guidelines for successful execution, startup and commissioning of these systems are addressed. View the on-demand recording at: If you have trouble accessing the webinar using the link above, please try the following link to the ECW classic player: