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CEE Industrial Motors Progam Summary Overview

Date Published: April 29, 2021     Document Type: Program Summary
Fuel Type:Electric Sectors: Commercial & Industrial, Drives, General Purpose Motors (1-200 HP), Industrial, Motor Driven Systems, Motors, Motors & Motor Systems

This memo summarizes CEE member programs active, based on the latest CEE Motors Program Summary, that aimed to support more efficient motors and motor systems by continuing to explore new motor technology and opportunities for savings within motor end uses. This overview highlights key insights from the CEE 2019 Industrial Motors Program Summary, which is available to CEE Members. CEE Industrial Motors and Motor Systems work seeks to move commercial and industrial markets for motors and motor-driven systems toward higher levels of energy performance by creating a forum for members and industry to discuss high performance and enabling more programs to offer support for high-performance motor driven equipment and related practices. This memo focuses on program activity related to motors exploration. The CEE Motor Exploration Committee seeks to move the market toward adopting high-performing motors that exceed the current bi-national baseline. Since each CEE member uses different program development processes and schedules, this document aims to provide the best available snapshot and does not attempt to describe how programs have evolved to date or how they are likely to change in the future.