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2014 CEE Commercial Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps Program Summary

Date Published: October 16, 2014     Document Type: Program Summary
Sectors: Commercial, Commercial & Industrial, Ground Source Heat Pumps - commercial, HVAC - Commercial, Unitary Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps, Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)

CEE has compiled this program summary in support of the CEE High Efficiency Commercial Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps Initiative. This program summary is an Excel database that provides data on 70 program administrators' commercial air-conditioning and heat pump incentive offerings, and may not be inclusive of all CEE member incentive offerings for commercial air-conditioning and heat pump equipment and system components. The program offerings described here are prescriptive except where noted with a † in the Summary By Equipment tab. Many CEE members offer custom path programs through which additional incentives may be available for these and other types of commercial HVAC equipment. Check with individual CEE member programs for details. The information in this program summary was collected from publicly available information on CEE member websites during spring and summer 2014 and supplemented by correspondence with individual CEE members.

CEE High Efficiency Commercial Boiler Systems Program Summary - 2013

Date Published: August 22, 2013     Document Type: Program Summary
Fuel Type:Gas Sectors: Boilers - commercial, Commercial, Commercial & Industrial, Commercial Gas, HVAC - Commercial, Whole Building Performance, Gas

In support of the High Efficiency Commercial Boiler Systems Initiative, CEE lists member programs that promote high effiicency boiler systems. This document contains program details collected in spring 2013 and programs may have sinced changed.