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Distribution Transformers QPL October 2014

Date Published: October 7, 2014     Document Type: Qualifying Product List (QPL)
Fuel Type:Electric Sectors: Commercial & Industrial, Distribution Transformers, Industrial

These qualifying products lists provide a summary of the high efficiency low voltage, dry-type distribution transformers that meet or exceed the specifications set out in the CEE C&I Distribution Transformers Initiative. That initiative was last revised in 2011.

By adopting and promoting specifications for energy efficient low voltage, dry-type distribution transformers for their commercial and industrial customers, efficiency program administrators are increasing demand for this equipment as well as encouraging manufacturers to expand production and availability of these products.

For more information on the Initiative and specifications, please see the CEE C&I Distribution Transformers Initiative.  If you have questions about this list or about the Initiative, contact Jess Burgess.

CEE Steamer Guidance for Qualifying Products List - Interpretation of Test Data

Date Published: September 1, 2010     Document Type: Qualifying Product List (QPL)
Fuel Type:Electric, Gas Sectors: Commercial, Commercial & Industrial, Commercial Gas, Kitchens - Commercial, Steamers, Gas

In support of the Commercial Kitchens Initiative, CEE maintains lists of qualifying products for commercial steamers. This document provides additional guidance related to using the CEE qualifying steamers list.

The Commercial Kitchens Initiative provides an overview of the Initiative, background on foodservice energy consumption and the foodservice industry, initiative goals, strategies and major activities, initiative participation requirements, and efficiency specifications for commercial kitchen equipment.