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1*2*3 Approach to Motor Management Users Guide

Date Published: November 15, 2016    
Fuel Type:Electric Sectors: Commercial & Industrial

Through effective motor management and planning, industrial customers can realize significant energy savings as well as improve their productivity and process reliability. Demonstrating this opportunity to senior management, however, can be a challenging task.

In response, sponsors of the Motor Decisions Matter campaign developed the 1*2*3 Approach to Motor Management, an easy-to-use resource to assist your motor repair/replace decision making. 1*2*3 also provides a framework for educating industrial customers about other best practice motor management strategies.

By reviewing a representative sample of motors and preparing a comparative financial analysis for future decisions based on life-cycle costing methods, 1*2*3 allows the customer to make the most appropriate repair/replace decision for a particular motor. Where requested, it can also provide tools for promoting motor management within the customer's organization.