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Motor Efficiency, Selection, and Management: A Guidebook for Industrial Efficiency Programs

Date Published: September 24, 2013     Document Type: Program Guide
Fuel Type:Electric Sectors: Commercial & Industrial, Drives, Industrial, Motor Driven Systems, Motors & Motor Systems

The Premium Efficiency Motors Initiative provides a market and technology overview, barriers and opportunities, efficiency specifications, and initiative participation requirements.  In support of the Premium Efficiency Motors Initiative, CEE  publishes this informational Guidebook, which outlines several key motor system considerations associated with three-phase squirrel cage induction motors, the most common type of general purpose motor:

  • How to estimate savings available with efficient motors Chapter 3
  • Key motor selection criteria to suit application needs such as Design, duty, and size Chapter 4
  • Energy savings opportunities with adjustable speed drives Chapter 5
  • Motor management strategies to ensure the appropriate information is available to facilitate informed motor decisions and prevent unanticipated motor failure and downtime Chapter 6

This Guidebook was updated in September 2013 to include:

  • Updated data on energy efficient motors above EISA Minimum Standards
  • Simplified energy savings calculations to show more conservative energy savings estimates
  • Updated Glossary and Resources sections