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Exploring Advanced Commercial Lighting Opportunities for Program Design

Date Published: September 19, 2013     Document Type: CEE In-person Meeting Materials, Presentation
Sectors: Commercial, Commercial & Industrial, Lighting - Commercial

CEE is uniquely positioned to develop a binational strategy by incorporating consideration from its extensive member network, vetting through its industry relationships, and a host of other considerations afforded by the CEE Initiative process. Ongoing efforts include: developing CEE performance specifications for advanced lamps, disseminating lighting system designs for common building types such as warehouses, and accelerating controls into programs via collaboration with NEMA on common assessments and reporting. In this session, a panel of program administrators who had current program incentives for advanced lighting characterized where the greatest potential opportunities to replace commercial lighting portfolio savings from increased minimum standards. Panelists spoke to commercial applications and approaches showing the greatest program opportunities, key barriers, factors and considerations to driving savings, and highlighted strategies to build promising market opportunities.