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CEE Commercial Greenhouse Market Characterization and Technology Background

Date Published: March 29, 2018     Document Type: Market Research Report, Program Guide, Report
Fuel Type:Electric, Gas Sectors: Agriculture, Commercial & Industrial, Gas Program Planning, Gas

The CEE Commercial Greenhouse Market Characterization and Technology Background gives a description of the greenhouse market, from manufacturers to distribution channels to common barriers to uptake, and provides a comprehensive overview of its efficiency opportunities and their savings estimates. CEE members can use the Market Characterization to help develop new program offerings, identify critical players in program delivery, or devise strategies to overcome common market barriers. Furthermore, growers and industry partners can use the Market Characterization to identify opportunities to improve greenhouse performance while significantly reducing costs through collaboration with local efficiency programs. 

Residential Lighting Market Characterizaton for New York State

Date Published: July 9, 2012     Document Type: Market Research Report, Report
Sectors: Lighting - Residential, Research, Evaluation, & Behavior, Residential

In July 2012 NYSERDA completed an assessment of the lighting market.  This market characterization covers the opinions of consumers, homeowners, retailers, manufacturers, and contractors on a wider variety of topics pertaining to lighting.

New York Energy $mart Products Program: Market Characterization and Assessment Evaluation

Date Published: February 23, 2012     Document Type: Market Research Report, Report
Sectors: Evaluation, Research, Evaluation, & Behavior, Residential

This report presents research findings from the market characterization and market assessment (MCA) evaluation of the New York Energy $martSM Products (NYE$P) Program. Results were derived from surveys of participating retailers and manufacturers, retailers in other areas not promoting ENERGY STAR® or other high-efficiency products, and end-use customers. Secondary data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, D&R International, and other sources were also used in this evaluation. The market characterization findings include information on the market eligible to participate in the NYE$P Program as well as Program accomplishments to date. The market assessment findings include information regarding key market indicators, such as customer awareness and knowledge, measure availability, market penetration, consumer demand, and incremental cost. This evaluation also assesses the net energy savings due to the NYE$P Program after accounting for freeridership and spillover or market effects.