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The Market for Operations and Maintenance Training in New Jersey

Date Published: May 25, 2000     Document Type: Market Research Report, Report

The goal of this report was to assess the options for utility assistance for operations and maintenance (O&M) training. Commercial and industrial O&M personnel, contractors, association representatives, consultants and experts were all interviewed to assess the need for additional training and/or certification. Respondents assessed the importance of certification as a tool for building the demand for trained building operations personnel. Interviews covered office, school, state, and industrial building types. The study found that the most attractive target markets for near-term training include: Property management firms with performance incentives in their contract; owner-occupant large offices; school districts with limited training in the past; small industrial facilities; and, state properties where staff are internally motivated to perform good O&M. The study also found that the most attractive options to offer to customers are: support BOMassachusetts marketing of the System Maintenance Technician certification program and at the same time, offer the NEEC/NEEP Building Operator Certification Program. The report also lists non-training options.

Commercial/Industrial Chiller Market Database

Date Published: September 26, 2000     Document Type: Market Research Report, Report

The goal of this project was to develop and characterize a detailed list of chillers for the purpose of future program marketing. Telephone surveys were the primary means used to collect this information. This list is a "near census" of chiller tonnage as the survey gathered chiller data from 598 customers and contacted almost 2,000. Additionally, contact information was collected for many of those partially responding. A database was created to contain the results of the survey. The survey and the database characterize the chillers by size in tons, age, likely replacement schedule, and other key variables for program marketing purposes. Potential uses of the database include: direct contact of customers with older chillers to market chiller replacement program; use entire contact set for marketing other efficiency programs; and, identify whether major SICs and building types have significant older chillers and obsolete refrigerators.

Compressed Air Systems Market Assessment in the Public Service Electric and Gas Service Territory

Date Published: May 1, 2001     Document Type: Market Research Report, Report

This is the final report for Public Service Electric and Gas service territory assessing the market for industrial compressed air systems. Approximately $35 million is spent on compressed air in one year. Experts feel that this number can be cut significantly. Therefore, this market assessment attempts to lay a foundation to develop strategies to improve the efficiency of industrial compressed air systems in New Jersey. In order to characterize the end-user market, describe market structure and barriers, overcome those barriers, and establish a baseline, interviews were done with suppliers and customers.