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Impact and Process Evaluation of 2015 (PY8) Ameren Illinois Company Behavioral Modification Program

Date Published: May 5, 2017     Document Type: Evaluation study type/report

Ameren Illinois Company (AIC) offers the Behavioral Modification Program as a part of its residential portfolio. The Behavioral Modification Program has been offered by AIC since August 2010, but Program Year 8 (PY8) (June 2015–May 2016) is the first year that the electric portion of the program was funded by the Illinois Power Agency (IPA).The program offered three treatment types: a hard-copy home energy report (HER) mailed to the customer’s home, an electronic Home Energy Report (eHER) sent on a monthly basis to all customers with email addresses, and an online portal that customers can access to view the same report along with additional information.The Behavioral Modification Program reached about a third of AIC’s approximately 1 million residential customers in PY8. Just under 300,000 participants received a report in PY8 (including both dual-fuel and gas-only customers), the majority of whom are in their fifth year with the program. In PY8, the program achieved adjusted net savings of 1,389,206 therms.

ActOnEnergy Energy Efficiency and Demand-Response Program Results : Year 1 Activities June 1, 2008 - May 31, 2009

Date Published: January 1, 2010     Document Type: Report

As a gas utility, Ameren Illinois Utilities (AIU) recognized the need to also implement gas energy efficiency programs, especially those that compliment electric energy efficiency programs. Therefore AIU voluntarily developed and filed a gas energy savings Plan to coincide with the electric energy savings Plan. This report focuses on the electric energy savings portfolio.