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Final Report to the Energy Efficiency Utility Contract Administrator Verification of EVT 2008 Claimed Annual MWh Savings, Coincident Summer and Winter Peak Savings And Total Resource Benefit (TRB)

Date Published: June 12, 2009     Document Type: Report

On March 23, 2009, Efficiency Vermont (EVT) submitted its Year 2008 Preliminary Savings Claim for calendar year 2008 activities operating as the statewide energy efficiency utility (EEU). As provided for in the contract between Efficiency Vermont and the Vermont Public Service Board (PSB), the Department of Public Service (DPS or Department) undertook a review of EVT's 2008 activities, verifying the energy savings, coincident peak savings and Total Resource Benefit (TRB) amounts claimed by EVT. This review was conducted by West Hill Energy and Computing, with assistance from Carole Welch, Cx Associates, GDS Associates and Lexicon Energy Consultants and oversight provided by the DPS. This report made to Michael Wickenden, Contract Administrator for the PSB, summarizes the results of that review.