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Market Progress Evaluation Report: SAV-AIR, No. 4

Date Published: March 1, 2003     Document Type: Evaluation Study / Report, Report

This is the fourth out of five reports evaluating SAV-AIR. The SAV-AIR Market Transformation Initiative (Initiative) was undertaken to change the way compressed air end-users and service providers view and manage their systems. SAV-AIR provides comprehensive compressed air management systems and engineering services. SAV-AIR has the expertise and specialized technology to evaluate existing equipment and engineer upgrades, and to provide ongoing monitoring and control of an entire compressed air system for large industrial customers. Their advanced monitoring and control system is called the PL2000. They have also recently developed and tested a simpler control system, the PL1000. Because the SAV-AIR system is fairly high-tech and relatively expensive, it is being adopted by customers with larger systems. Findings from the report include: SAV-AIR has completed ten monitoring and control installations (with the PL2000 product); SAV-AIR is part of a significant increase in the sales of high-end compressed air controls; SAV-AIR had completed all six of the required regional “beta” demonstration sites and associated case studies; for the first eleven fully operational control projects, the average compressed air energy savings were 35%; No other compressed air monitoring and control companies have entered the regional market; SAV-AIR is close to break-even but is not self-sustaining; no ongoing services contracts have been sold; use of the PL2000 controls interface and system-monitoring information is uneven; and slow sales. Recommendations are listed in the report.