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New Hampshire Core Electric Energy Efficiency Programs: Cost-Effectiveness Models Review and Common Assumptions Assessment

Date Published: December 23, 2002     Document Type: Evaluation Study / Report, Report

This report presents results from an extensive cost-effectiveness modeling review effort for residential and commercial and industrial energy efficiency programs in New Hampshire. To evaluate cost effectiveness, the report used several common assumptions: measure life; maximum peak demand; kilowatt-hour savings; incremental cost associated with premium efficient units/practices vs standard efficient units/practices; natural gas, propane fuel, oil, and water savings; and operating hours. There were two main models used to analyze program cost-effectiveness. The report includes an overview of the process undertaken, results from a thorough model comparison, and common assumptions and “going-forward” recommendations for modeling each of the eight Core Energy Efficiency Programs: Home Energy Solutions, Energy Star Homes, Energy Star Lighting, Energy Star Appliances, Home Energy Assistance, Small Business Energy Solutions, Large Business Energy Solutions, and C&I New Construction.