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Final Report: 2006 Production Efficiency Program: Process and Impact Evaluation

Date Published: August 12, 2008     Document Type: Evaluation Study / Report, Report

This document assesses the impact of completed Production Efficiency projects recognized in 2006. This document also updates a previous process evaluation completed for the Production Efficiency program in early 2005. 

Production Efficiency Program 2003-2005 Impact Evaluation

Date Published: December 14, 2007     Document Type: Evaluation Study / Report, Report

This report is an impact evaluation of Energy Trust’s Production Efficiency (PE) Program which offers energy efficiency services for industrial processes, including manufacturing, agricultural and water/wastewater treatment. The evaluation shows that the program is doing a good job at delivering the predicted savings, but points to variation in actual to predicted savings and offers some solutions for addressing this discrepancy.

Small Compressed Air Market Assessment

Date Published: July 25, 2008     Document Type: Market Research Report, Report

This market assessment, commissioned by the Energy Trust of Oregon in partnership with Bonneville Power Administration, PacifiCorp and Idaho Power Company, is intended to characterize the market for small industrial compressed air systems in the Pacific Northwest states of Idaho, Washington, Montana, and Oregon. This report explores the market and savings potential of a large, but often overlooked segment of industrial compressed air systems.