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Building a Powerful and Enduring Brand: The Past, Present, and Future of the ENERGY STAR® Brand

Date Published: June 1, 2007     Document Type: Market Research Report, Report
Sectors: Research, Evaluation, & Behavior

The ENERGY STAR has grown into a well-recognized consumer brand, the result of well-crafted strategies, market-defined insights, and a perseverance to always improve on the past. To ensure the brand’s continued success, a wide spectrum of information is included in the following report so the facts can  inform the future path of the brand. The goal of this report is to provide information and a greater appreciation for the:
  • Art and science of branding
  • Core principles of the ENERGY STAR brand
  • Evolution of the ENERGY STAR brand
  • Future opportunities and challenges
  • Ways to ensure future success
Brands can evolve over decades. The ENERGY STAR brand is still young, but it has already accomplished much. It also has many frontiers yet to conquer.