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DSM in the Future: Residential Sector Consideration

Date Published: September 29, 2014     Document Type: CEE In-person Meeting Materials, Presentation

Facilitator: Peter Mills, CEE

Panelists: Kevin Bright, Managing Director, Energy Efficiency, Duke Energy; Aniruddh Roy, Engineering Manager, Regulatory Affairs, Goodman Manufacturing Company, L.P.

Through binational strategies, program administrators and industry work in concert to bring efficient products to customers.  To secure additional sources of savings, the efficiency industry is increasingly pursuing systems-based and whole building approaches that go beyond product efficiency. Leveraging consumer engagement within the home to achieve both greater energy savings and customer satisfaction will require coordination across multiple industries. During this session, panelists will speak to the new opportunities and approaches in the CEE portfolio in the residential sector to enhance savings and meet the challenges of the energy efficiency industry.  Discussion will focus on integrating energy efficiency and demand response through new value propositions enabled by connected technology, customer engagement strategies in a new world of data at our finger tips that provide new opportunities for credible evaluation, measurement and verification, and leveraging the ENERGY STAR marketing platform for deeper savings associated with the Most Efficient differentiation.