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The 2002 Process Evaluation of: The Cape Light Compact's Residential High Use Program & Small Commercial and Industrial Retrofit Program

Date Published: January 1, 2002     Document Type: Evaluation Study / Report, Report

This report is a process evaluation of both the Cape Light Compact’s (CLC) Residential High Use (RHU) and Small Commercial and Industrial (SC&I) Retrofit Programs. The objective was to examine the programs in their early stages of implementation to identify any necessary adjustments for incorporation into planned Phase II designs of the CLC’s Energy Efficiency program, to be implemented in 2003, and to ensure that the programs meet their goals and objectives. The primary purpose for the RHU program is to reduce electric consumption through a whole house approach to implementation of energy efficient technology. The primary purpose of the SC&I program is to offer C&I customers the opportunity to receive financial incentives for the replacement of existing electrical or mechanical equipment that are energy inefficient. This program identifies cost-effective retrofit opportunities and provides direct installation and incentives for replacement of existing equipment with high efficiency alternatives. The process evaluation was completed via in-depth interviews with program staff, quantitative telephone interviews with program participants and non-participants, and site visits to participating residences and businesses.