Trends in the Annual Industry Report

Date Published: September 29, 2014

Document Type: CEE In-person Meeting Materials, Presentation

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Author Names:

Berman, Janice


Presenter: Jan Berman, Senior Director of Energy Efficiency Strategy, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, and Chair of the CEE Board of Directors

The CEE Annual Industry Report, measuring efficiency program budgets, expenditures, and impacts for the United States and Canada, is the essential dataset describing the energy efficiency program industry. In the past year, this report has been extensively cited by trade publications for financial analysts, electrical contractors, energy management, renewable installers, and of course, by CEE members. During this session, preliminary results of the 2014 Annual Industry Report will show trends over the past eight years for the United States and Canada and for gas and electric energy efficiency programs.



2014 Industry Partners General Session, AIR