Testing the Causal Linkage Between Training of Sales Personnel in Retail Lighting and Appliance Stores and Changes in Market Share of ENERGY STAR ®- Qualifying Equipment (Abstract Only)

Date Published: January 1, 2001

Document Type: Conference publication


Program Administrator:

San Diego Gas & Electric


Ridge & Associates; Xenergy, Inc.

Author Names:

Ridge, Richard; McElroy, Kathleen; Rubin, Rob


In 1999, the California Residential Lighting and Appliance Program, a multi-year market transformation program was launched within the service territories of the four investor-owned utilities. A primary objective of the Program is to increase the knowledge of sales personnel and increase their motivation to sell energy efficient lighting products and appliances, eventually leading, over time, to an increase in the market share of ENERGY STAR-qualifying equipment. Information was collected to test the hypothesized causal linkages between training of sales personnel and increasing the availability of energye fficient products and changes in the in-store experience of consumers shopping for appliances and lighting products. (Abstract only)

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