Production Efficiency Program: Process Evaluation and Impact Evaluability Assessment

Date Published: December 30, 2005

Document Type: Evaluation Study / Report, Report


Program Administrator:

Energy Trust of Oregon - Oregon


Research Into Action; MetaResource Group

Author Names:

Peters, Jane; Mcrae, Marjorie; Scott, Steven; Moran, Dulane; Burdick, Michael


This report is an update of a previous process evaluation completed for the Production Efficiency program in early 2004. The Production Efficiency Program uses a wide variety of efficiency strategies for industrial processes to acquire large volumes of electric savings. The report finds that the Production Efficiency program is successful from a number of perspectives. It has conducted a large number of projects with a variety of industrial firms and is acquiring large quantities of cost-effective energy savings. Industrial participants are happy with the program, especially with the services they receive from program staff. The report offers specific conclusions on research issues raised by Energy Trust staff. 

Efficiency Topics