Process and Impact Evaluation of the New Hampshire Residential Lighting Program

Date Published: November 9, 2003

Document Type: Evaluation Study / Report, Report


Program Administrator:

Eversource - NH; Unitil - New Hampshire; New Hampshire Electric Co-op; Connecticut Valley Electric Company; Granite State Electric Company


RLW Analytics, Inc.; Nexus Market Research, Inc.


The New Hampshire Residential Lighting Program promotes energy efficient lighting products through a catalog selling discounted qualifying bulbs and fixtures and by offering instant rebate coupons at participating retailers. This report is a process and impact evaluation of the program. The New Hampshire Residential Lighting Program is sponsored by Public Service Company of New Hampshire (PSNH), Unitil Energy Systems, Inc. (Unitil), New Hampshire Electric Cooperative (the Co-op), Connecticut Valley Electric Company (CVEC), and Granite State Electric Company (GSECo).

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