Market Progress Evaluation Report: Northwest Energy Education Institute, No. 3

Date Published: April 15, 2003

Document Type: Evaluation Study / Report, Report


Program Administrator:

Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance


Currents Consulting


This is the third and final report evaluating the Northwest Energy Education Institute (NEEI). NEEI’s goal is to offer affordable, readily accessible, and well regarded training programs to energy management and building service professionals. It currently offers the following five training programs: Energy Management Certification (EMC), Building Operator Certification (BOC) Levels I and II, Residential Energy Auditor Certification, Residential Inspector Certification, and customized energy efficiency training programs at customers’ facilities. The primary focus of this report is on the EMC program. The report assesses the EMC program’s value to its participants and the region. EMC targets the middle level of facilities and maintenance managers/supervisors at businesses and institutions (engineers, technicians, architects, facilities maintenance personnel, and energy managers), and serves as a critical link between upper management and personnel at the hands-on operations level. Its participants are in a position to affect long-term energy efficiency policies, procedures, and O&M practices, as well as short-term use of energy in their facilities. It is currently presented once a year to a maximum of fifteen students. There are three phases to the program: first, classroom and hands-on training; second, project implementation; and third, project presentation. EMC appears to be particularly valuable to school districts, colleges/universities, and city, county, and state governments where there may be many savings opportunities, but few staff with technical training to identify and address them. Total estimated annual energy savings for just the projects completed for the course in the five case studies were 1,346,000 kWh. Overall, the program was a success, but the report lists several recommendations.

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