Market Progress Evaluation Report: Evaporator Fan VFD Initiative, No. 3

Date Published: June 30, 2002

Document Type: Evaluation Study / Report, Report


Program Administrator:

Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance


Pacific Energy Associates; MetaResource Group


This is the third and final evaluation report for the Evaporator Fan Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Initiative, the activities of which were intended to make variable frequency drives an industry standard for evaporator fans in refrigerated warehouses in the Northwest, and to overcome concerns about VFD reliability and fan motor failure, variation in warehouse temperatures, electrical harmonics and fruit quality. The overall goal of the initiative is to demonstrate energy efficiency benefits and also non-energy advantages such as positive impacts on product quality. The target markets were controlled atmosphere storage warehouses and cold storage warehouses. The objectives of the report include reviewing the status of the Initiative and reporting observations on its activities; evaluating the level of market acceptance of VFD technology for evaporator fans, the energy savings, and other benefits; and identifying any remaining issues and making recommendations. The report concludes that the Initiative was an overall success in allaying concerns about the use of VFDs for evaporator fans.

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