The Market for Operations and Maintenance Training in New Jersey

Date Published: May 25, 2000

Document Type: Market Research Report, Report


Program Administrator:

Public Service Electric & Gas; Conectiv


Pacific Energy Associates

Author Names:

Gordon, Fred; Smith, Gary; Miller, Will


The goal of this report was to assess the options for utility assistance for operations and maintenance (O&M) training. Commercial and industrial O&M personnel, contractors, association representatives, consultants and experts were all interviewed to assess the need for additional training and/or certification. Respondents assessed the importance of certification as a tool for building the demand for trained building operations personnel. Interviews covered office, school, state, and industrial building types. The study found that the most attractive target markets for near-term training include: Property management firms with performance incentives in their contract; owner-occupant large offices; school districts with limited training in the past; small industrial facilities; and, state properties where staff are internally motivated to perform good O&M. The study also found that the most attractive options to offer to customers are: support BOMassachusetts marketing of the System Maintenance Technician certification program and at the same time, offer the NEEC/NEEP Building Operator Certification Program. The report also lists non-training options.

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