Kaizen Blitz Pilot Report 2

Date Published: October 5, 2011

Document Type: Evaluation Study / Report, Report

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The main evaluation objectives for the Kaizen Blitz were to answer the following questions:

What motivates customers to improve their efficiency and to maintain a higher level of efficient operation over time?
Are the incentive levels adequate, low, or high? What were the keys to success?
If a customer did not perform, why not?
Did Energy Management software and support add value to the Kaizen Blitz process? Does it help track and maintain savings?
Does the customer see the value? Does it help project and program evaluation?
Are the savings levels sufficient to carry the added cost of services? Do the savings persist?
Are there improvements to customer/program relationships through collaborative implementation of operational changes?

Committee Topics

Commercial & Industrial
Research, Evaluation, & BehaviorEvaluation

Efficiency Topics

EvaluationMeasure or Program Assessment

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Energy Savings, O&M assessments, persistence