Industrial Energy Improvement Cohort 1 Year 2 Report

Date Published: November 17, 2011

Document Type: Evaluation Study / Report, Report





Navigant Consulting was selected to conduct an evaluation of the IEI pilot to gain feedback from participants on their IEI participation. The evaluation objectives for the IEI pilot are to:

  • Determine what motivated the firms to participate;
  • Determine what expectations the firms had from the initiative and what goals they hoped to achieve;
  • Assess how the initiative can be improved;
  • Determine what elements of the IEI pilot the firms found the most valuable;
  • Determine whether there are differences in the types of the organizations participating;
  • Determine whether there are industry or organizational differences that drive success;
  • Determine what classifications of individual participated from each organization;
  • Determine whether IEI has the data collection processes in place to provide the basis to assess if the initiative is progressing towards and reaching its goals;
  • Recommend best methods for mainstreaming the pilot into the PE Program.

Committee Topics

Commercial & IndustrialIndustrial
Research, Evaluation, & BehaviorEvaluationProgram Evaluation

Efficiency Topics

EvaluationMeasure or Program Assessment

Target Group



Energy Savings, O&M assessments, strategic energy management