Gross Savings Estimation for Appliance Recycling Programs: The Lab Versus In Situ Measurement Imbroglio and Related Issues (Abstract Only)

Date Published: January 1, 2007

Document Type: Conference publication


Program Administrator:

Southern California Edison


ADM Associates, Inc.; Hiner & Partners, Inc.; Innovologie; Athens Research

Author Names:

Dohrmann, Donald; Alereza, Taghi; Samiullah, Shahana; Westberg, Steve; Reed, John; Peterson, John


This paper reports on both data development and analysis relating to:
  • extension of the lab data regression/population UEC estimation method to the 2004-05 IOU’s recycling program,
  • incorporation of a small dually metered sample (ADM, 2006) as a basis for investigating and preliminarily establishing the “lab-in situ relationship(s)”, 
  • evidence on key issues: extrapolation from short term metering to full year consumption, the level of performance problems typical of recycling appliance populations, and
  • summary analysis on the causal determinants of differences between lab and in situ results. 

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