Final Report To Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) Regarding:State and Local Government Purchasing Initiative โ€“ Program Evaluation Scoping Study

Date Published: March 13, 2001

Document Type: Report, Scoping study



20278; GDS Associates, Inc.


The goal of this Scoping Study is to define appropriate methodologies for evaluating the impact of CEE's State and Local Government Purchasing Initiative. The initiative aims to incorporate energy efficiency as a standard consideration in state and local government purchasing practices. Key objectives of the Scoping Study, as defined by CEE, are: develop a method for identifying key measurement indicators pertaining to the purchase of energy efficient products; identify a procedure(s) for establishing a baseline of existing energy efficient purchases; and identify methodologies for assessing program impact from the perspective of three groups of stakeholders: state and local governments, federal program sponsors and experts on public purchasing of energy efficient products, and program administrators (e.g., utilities, regional organizations and others). For the development of methodologies, two rounds of interviews were conducted with the three stakeholder groups. This report summarizes the findings of the two interim reports describing the interviews. The report found that the two major market barriers were the purchaser’s lack of understanding of environmental benefits of energy efficiency purchasing, and the purchaser’s lack of time to research new products, develop baselines, and develop specifications. This report also contains a discussion of approaches to facilitate obtaining consensus from key stakeholders to use these tracking methodologies and to encourage participation with CEE in developing formal programs and projects designed to increase the percentage of energy efficient products being purchased by state and local governments.

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