Commercial/Industrial Chiller Market Database

Date Published: September 26, 2000

Document Type: Market Research Report, Report

Commercial/Industrial Chiller Market Database1.6 MB


Program Administrator:

Public Service Electric & Gas


Pacific Energy Associates

Author Names:

Gordon, Fred; Scott, Steven; Tumidaj, Les


The goal of this project was to develop and characterize a detailed list of chillers for the purpose of future program marketing. Telephone surveys were the primary means used to collect this information. This list is a "near census" of chiller tonnage as the survey gathered chiller data from 598 customers and contacted almost 2,000. Additionally, contact information was collected for many of those partially responding. A database was created to contain the results of the survey. The survey and the database characterize the chillers by size in tons, age, likely replacement schedule, and other key variables for program marketing purposes. Potential uses of the database include: direct contact of customers with older chillers to market chiller replacement program; use entire contact set for marketing other efficiency programs; and, identify whether major SICs and building types have significant older chillers and obsolete refrigerators.

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