Commercial Lighting Systems Initiative

Date Published: August 30, 2018

Document Type: CEE Initiative




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Ted Jones, CEE


The goal of the Commercial Lighting Systems Initiative is to enhance energy savings by improving the effectiveness of the marketplace in delivering energy efficient lighting products and practices. Savings to programs are as follows:

  • Provide clear and credible definitions in the marketplace for energy efficient replacement lamps
  • Provide consensus guidance for additional lighting systems and program approaches that support energy savings beyond one-for-one replacements and prescriptive program approaches
  • Streamline the identification and installation of lighting products and the implementation of practices that adhere to the parameters of these systems and program approaches

The Initiative document outlines the initiative goals, approach and strategies. It also provides a market and technology overview, barriers and opportunities, efficiency specifications, and initiative participation requirements.

Initiative participation is an opportunity for individual organizations to amplify the impact of their local efficiency program. By giving voice to this Initiative, individual organizations are counted as part of a collective, harmonized effort to advance efficiency. Through program summaries and other corporate communications, CEE champions collective Initiative participation to original equipment manufacturers and distribution chain actors, thereby encouraging their ongoing investment in and supply of energy efficient products to local markets throughout the US and Canada. While one program may represent a small fraction of the binational market, collective participation through CEE sends a powerful signal to the national supply chain that energy efficient products are valued and supported across the United States and Canada.

As with all CEE initiatives, participation in the Commercial Lighting Systems is voluntary, however there are minimum requirements for becoming an Initiative participant:

  1. Supporting the vision and goals of the Commercial Lighting Systems Initiative
  2. Incorporating at least one of the Initiative specifications in a regional or local educational or incentive program
  3. Communicating the scope, duration, and key aspects of the respective regional or local programs to CEE staff when requested
  4. Allowing the use of the organization’s name and program information for the purpose of achieving the Initiative’s goals.

With this Initiative revision, the CEE T8 Replacement Lamp Specification was also revised and took effect on August 30, 2018. Click here for the current version of the CEE T8 Replacement Lamp Specification, which supports the replacement lamp component of this Initiative.

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