Commercial Energy Efficient Construction Baseline Study Task 1 Final Report: On-Site Survey of New Construction and Renovation Projects

Date Published: January 1, 2000

Document Type: Market Research Report, Report


Program Administrator:

Public Service Electric & Gas; Atlantic Electric; GPU Energy


RLW Analytics, Inc.


This assessment was designed to assess standard market practices for equipment specification and building/facility design in new commercial construction in New Jersey to assist in the promotion of energy efficient equipment. The data presented in this report will help establish the base efficiency level for further efficiency measures to be promoted through market based energy efficiency programs offered by New Jersey utilities. This report provides baseline equipment installation practices for lighting, HVAC and building shell technologies. The determination of the commercial energy efficient construction practices was accomplished by the on-site audit of 96 newly constructed and renovation buildings. These building were classified into five building types including offices, hospitals, nursing homes, lodging, primary/secondary education, and retail. The on-site audit included detailed data collection through use of an on-site interview and encompassed on-site surveys.

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