CEE Consumer Electronics Initiative - 2016 Revision

Date Published: September 1, 2016

Document Type: CEE Initiative

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The residential electricity consumption attributable to consumer electronics in the United States is estimated to be approximately 12 percent.[1] While consumer electronics represent an important source of potential savings for efficiency programs, the product category also presents certain unique challenges due to its fast changing nature and the dispersion of end uses in the home, each representing a small share of total electronics energy end use. The CEE Consumer Electronics Initiative seeks to describe leverage points and associated activities that can help in transforming the consumer electronics market in the United States and Canada.

[1] Fraunhofer USA Center for Sustainable Energy Systems. "Energy Consumption of Consumer Electronics in US Homes in 2013. June 2014. https://www.cta.tech/CTA/media/policyImages/Energy-Consumption-of-Consumer-Electronics.pdf


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