CEE Compressed Air Program Summary Overview

Date Published: April 29, 2021

Document Type: Program Summary

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Sullivan-Trainor, Chris


This memo summarizes CEE member programs active in the last year(s) that aimed to support the CEE Compressed Air Initiative, which seeks to improve compressed air system performance through defining consistent, holistic audits that meet a minimum level according to the specification. The Compressed Air Committee is working to finalize revisions to the Initiative. Since each CEE member uses different program development processes and schedules, this document aims to provide the best available snapshot and does not attempt to describe how programs have evolved to date or how they are likely to change in the future. This overview summarizes the 2019 CEE Compressed Air Program Summary data, which is available to CEE members.

Committee Topics

Commercial & IndustrialIndustrialMotors & Motor SystemsMotor Driven SystemsCompressed Air Systems and Fans

Efficiency Topics


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IndustrialManufacturer - Industrial
IndustrialNon-Manufacturer - Industrial


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