Are Implementers and Evaluators Missing the Forest for the Trees? Winning the Battle and Losing the War from Embedded Energy Use and Location (Abstract Only)

Date Published: January 1, 2005

Document Type: Conference publication



Innovologie; KJ Consulting

Author Names:

Reed, John; Riggert, Jeff; Johnson, Katherine


In this paper, we argue that while it is important to continue to evaluate programs as we have in the past, we also need to expand our focus to a meta-systems or societal level. Solutions leading to energy efficiency are embedded in a context. The goal of this paper is to discuss issues that arise when taking into account the larger societal context and to discuss the need for evaluators to broaden the scope of their thinking and to bring to bear their skills to influence local, regional, national, and international policies to reduce societal energy use. (Abstract only)

Efficiency Topics